Hello, world of blog!

So, I made a blog. Exciting, isn’t it? We’ll see how this turns out.
Today I made my Summer To-Do list. This list includes things such as: Have a Disney movie marathon, go exploring, learn to wakeboard, and learn some tumbling stuff. In order to start the summer off well by working on this to-do list, my sister and I went to the park. We played an intense game (if you could even call it a game) of tennis, followed by some hands-up-stands-up, attempts at front walkovers, and a few occasionally successful 1-handed cartwheels. The weather was perfect, the grass was green, the tennis courts were empty and beckoning us to come play. What else do you need to make a perfect day?Shelbster and Kelpster


3 thoughts on “Hello, world of blog!

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more on this blog. I’m adding it to my blogroll. Hopefully you’ll be better at keeping your blog updated than I am!

  2. Paige says:

    Yay Kelsey! We both kinda went for the Paige/Page thing in our blog titles. Ha I love it!

  3. brad says:

    KELSEY!! I am so glad that we are blogging buddies now.

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