A Very Important Sunday.

Today was quite the day.  Today was the annual celebration of my sister’s birth.  June 7.  It was her 14th birthday. This is important because, in her words, “I can go to stake dances now!”  To celebrate this occasion, we started baking cake, making ice cream, and fixing dinner at about 12:00 noon. This is rather unfortunate.  Why, you may ask?  Well.  Today was Fast Sunday.  And church is from 2-5 pm.  Smelling all that delicious food made it rather difficult not to break my fast.  But I made it through! I was so proud of myself.  Church was quite good today, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Once we returned to the house, we ate! It was so delicious. Especially since I hadn’t eaten all day.  Plus, it was one of my favorite meals: Chicken a la King.  Those of you on the Smith side of the family will likely know what it is, and hopefully agree that it is scrumptious!  Since I am lacking in the money area right now, I gave my sister a few home-made coupons as a gift.  They were more for entertainment than actual use, but maybe she will use them anyway.  Another step was made towards summer: home made ice cream! There is no such thing as a summer without home made ice cream.  Check! It was absolutely delicious…as was the cake. Yum yum! Now back to the no dessert competition with little sis…I cannot afford to lose!

Doesn't it look delicious?

Doesn't it look delicious?

"I'm so excited that it's my birthday!!"

"I'm so excited that it's my birthday!!"

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night.

Now for the most important news of this important Sunday.  This is quite the great accomplishment.  Now that you are waiting in anticipation, I shall tell you:  I can play Don’t Stop Believing by Journey on the piano! Yes! The real song! A long time ago, I decided I wanted to learn it.  This afternoon I built up my motivation, illegally printed of a copy of the first page of the sheet music (which was quite incorrect, may I add),  listened to the beginning of the song a few times, and figured out the beautiful melody line of one of the greatest songs ever written. It’s not quite up to performance level, but it’s getting there! I’m super excited about being able to play this song!  You have no idea. It is super fun! Yay! My new talent.  Next I’m really feeling the urge to learn Faithfully, another great song by Journey. We’ll have to see!

Now, the funny story of the day.  This statement was made in the closing prayer of fast and testimony meeting today.  “We’re grateful that we were able to have out strenghimonies testened.”    Self-explained.

Welcome, summertime!!

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One thought on “A Very Important Sunday.

  1. alex olson says:

    that’s way cool that you can play that song on the piano! where did you print off the first page of the song (yeah illegal, i know, but I made up my own version and kinda want to compare them with each other to see how close mine is (or how not so close it is)? Please let me know… :)

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