A letter to the editor…of the weather.

Dear Mother Nature,

How nice to see you so full of life and personality lately! It has been great seeing you so active and full of emotion. However, I think you owe me an explanation. There is a rumor going around that this whole week is scheduled to be a cloudy one. It is my opinion that this schedule is quite a problem.  This is the first week of most childrens’ or teenagers’ summer vacations. How else should summer be spent than basking in the sunlight? In the early hours of this afternoon, I was doing just that. Basking in the sunlight.

This picture was taken through my sunglasses.  Look at the cool colorful rainbow-y things!

This picture was taken through my sunglasses. Look at the cool colorful rainbow-y things!

My mother, brother, and I decided to take a lovely walk to the park.  After playing soccer for a few minutes and doing a few handstands, we felt a slight sprinkle of rain. I looked up, and guess what I saw? You got it- clouds. That is all. What happened to my wonderful sunlight? Hidden by the gray stormy rainy things. But back to my story. So the three of us decided to head back home. As we were walking the short distance back to our house, something of an explosion occured, not unlike the popping of a balloon.  That balloon just happened to be filled with water apparently, because suddenly the three of us as well as everything around us were suddenly drenched and practically drowning in the rain. What else was there left to do but sprint back to the house? In the pouring rain, might I add.  I had to save the little part of un-drowned Kelsey that was left. So I started running the distance to my house. It was not too far, however, it was uphill, which made it a bit difficult.  The moment I reached home and entered the dry safety of my garage in hopes that I was still alive and not looking like a soggy rag, the rain immediately ceased. Yes, you heard me correctly.  I had just been soaked by the rain, and the moment I get home to watch the beautiful pouring rain inside my DRY house, the rain just stops.  If this isn’t unfair, I don’t know what is.  Instead of watching the rain, I had to opt for taking a jumping picture looking like I just emerged from the depths of the ocean.

Notice how it's not raining.

Notice how it's not raining.

Then I entered my house. I was planning on returning outside to do a few more handstands once I dried off. Sounds like a good plan, yes? Apparently not.  As soon as I was relatively dry, the rain started back up, practically forcing me to deep clean my room and learn two new songs on the piano. (The latter isn’t all bad. I like the songs. But still.) What a great way to spend a day that should have been sunny.

So, Mother Nature, I plead for you to make up your mind.  I have two options to suggest: 1) It should be sunny all summer long, or 2) At least let the people you decide to rain on enjoy the rain while it lasts.  Thank you for listening to my careful plea, and please take into consideration the two suggestions I have given you.

Yours truly,


A concerned citizen

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3 thoughts on “A letter to the editor…of the weather.

  1. Kara says:

    Kelsey you are hilarious! I was giggling the whole time… you have a way with words girl :) I hope your week isn’t totally ruined by all the rain

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow, you’ve got good hops!! You are so high in your jumping pictue! It was fun to read your post becasue I’m in Indiana for the summer and it’s interesting to hear that Utah weather is being diverse for once, rather than just sunny, hot, and dry. And, pretty impressive you can learn songs on the piano so fast!

  3. alex olson says:

    very funny:) your writing is way enjoyable, and quite entertaining…but I must say, I love getting caught in the rain…

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