Wecker than hett.

Announcement. I still see a problem with the weather. Bring on the heat already, dag nabbit!

That's only half of it!

That's only half of it!

Today at about 1:00, my father came home and told us that there was a giant lake at the bottom of the street. My siblings and I went to investigate. Sure enough, because of all the precipitation that had been coming down, there was indeed a lake. On my street. On our friends’ lawn.

Q: Why was there a lake at the bottom of Kelsey’s street?

A: Malfunctioning storm drains.

Q: How was this problem solved?

A: Those whose houses were being attacked by the lake of doom took their brooms outside and started doing all they could to sweep the nastiness off the storm drains.

Sounds like torture, no? After a while of sweeping water, they were able to get the levels of rainwater to go down. and by down, I mean to about the same level as the road. Which was definitely good.

The following occurred when we were watching the sweepers sweep:

Kelsey is standing under an umbrella. Shelby and Aaron are running around in the rain a bit. Then the former tries to come squish under the umbrella with her sister. Not a good idea. Once you have been in the rain, you must stay in the rain! So in yet another moment of no-brain-ness, Kelsey proclaims, “Get out! You’re wecker than hett!” (hence the title of this post.) Use your imagination and try to think of what I was actually trying to say. It’s not too hard, I promise.

As a side note, Bruce (my down-the-street neighbor) was sporting an extremely awesome fluorescent yellow rain jacket with reflective stripes and some sick galoshes. I’m assuming he got them from his line of work. This alone makes his line of work totally awesome. Plus, he saves people from fires. That’s pretty awesome too, in my opinion.

News flash! Tonight, we ate a dinner of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and fruit. This is not unusal. What is surprising is the fact that when Aaron was eating a piece of sausage (its not really sausage. My mom is a health nut so it’s some sort of vegetable protein or something…you know) all of a sudden he reported that his bracket on his braces had just fallen off. We called up the cuz aka BB (we did not ask what BB’sA’s name was though, too embarrassing) and he told us to clip off the wire in the back. So Daddy-o got out the tool box and started prying around in Aaron’s mouth. It took about an hour but he finally cut the wire so it would stop sticking through Aaron’s cheek. Okay. It wasn’t that bad. But still. On the first day of having braces, you break the bracket off. That takes talent.

Also at dinner, the story of ‘wecker than hett’ was told. It received a chuckle or two. Then Mom states, “Did being hecker than wet testen your strengthimony?” Well, it was a nice try mom, but the fact that you messed it up…again…. I’m just speechless. From laughter.

I was just reminded of a story. Keep in mind during this short story that people with Utah accents tend to change the ‘ai’ sound to the ‘eh’ sound. For example, wail kind of sounds like well when a Utah accent is applied.  So the story:  One day in church, the bishop was announcing the hymn we were about to sing. He is a person with quite the Utah accent.  So he says, “We will now be singing ‘We’ll sing all hail to Jesus’ name.'” You can imagine the quiet laughter coming from my family. Horrible, I know. Je suis desole.

Au revoir, mes amis!

the coolest person ever, Kelsey

Look at this awesome picture I took today!

Look at this awesome picture I took today!


2 thoughts on “Wecker than hett.

  1. Each raindrop was a cent I didn’t get to make…

    And I hate the Utah accent! Listen to Utahns say “I tried to fell the tree, but I failed,” or “I saw the well and wailed,” or Shimmin listing off the characters in the Scarlet Letter, and you’ll see that it becomes “I tried to fell the tree, but I felled,” “I saw the well and welled”, and learn about “Dimmesdell”.

    And I like the picture.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Well with Shimmin we also got to read lots of “liticher” (translation: literature) so I’m not too surprised with Dimmesdell.

    And thank you.

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