We’re getting in shape

Announcement. The Page Family is now obsessed with Wii Fit.  To say the least.

Dad got Wii Fit for Fathers day. But it was not only a present for him. It was a present to all of us. And it’s totally awesome!! Although one may think that Wii Fit would be boring, it is absolutely not! All of you should try it sometime. It’s sick! Come over and I might let you try it. If not, you can just visit me for the heck of it. It’s all good.

So, since we’re all in the mood for playing Wii, tonight we had a family Wii party.  MARIOKART! Yes! Best game ever. Even though I suck at it on N64 (some people can testify), I’m decent on the Wii and pro on the DS! I challenge you to a Mariokart duel! I will win! Unless my brother is playing too. Then he might win sometimes. But besides that…

This is my chapstick of choice. But make sure you remember that your lips will be off-color before you make your purchase.

This is my chapstick of choice. But make sure you remember that your lips will be off-color before you make your purchase.

I found my favorite summer chapstick today! I had lost it, but I found it again! Why is this chapstick only summer chapstick and not spring, winter, or autumn chapstick, you may ask? Well the answer is, it turns your lips white. And then you kinda look dumb. But in the summer, people don’t judge me as much. Even if I have no makeup on, my hair is nasty, greasy, and/or skewampus, and I have white lips, I like to think that people aren’t revolted by my appearance, since it is summer after all.

I have a sad story to tell. Beware, it is quite depressing. Read this tale of woe, if you dare. I call it, Kelsey could have a social life but has not been able to.  This week I have had to miss out on about 5 opportunities to play with my bestest buds! It is very sad indeed! Monday, I was invited to see the movie Angels and Demons. But I had to refuse the offer because I wanted to go see Transformers at midnight the next night, and my mommy told me she wouldn’t even consider letting me go to the midnight show if I went to Angels and Demons.  I also missed a get-together on Monday because I was involved in a tie-dye fest when I received the mensaje de texto. (The tie dye was awesome. Rachel, Ruth, and I all made sweet tie dye shirts, etc.) Then, on Tuesday, I said no to an offer to hang out because, assuming I was going to go to Transformers, mis padres wouldn’t let me do something else that night.  Then, I find out that I can’t go to Transformers because it’s breaking curfew. Which is a valid reason. But it was quite late notice.  Then on Wednesday, I missed a chance to hang out with my bud because I had to stop by my friend’s birthday party, at which I knew about 4 people.  Then today I was going to have a picnic and go to a movie, neither of which actually happened.  That is my sad story. In my opinion, it is very sad indeed. On a brighter note, I am going to a Real Salt Lake game on Saturday! Fun fun! I’m pretty excited.

Here are some pictures from my hike last Friday!

Vaarwel, vrienden! (Dutch)


Farewell, King of Pop. Rest in peace.

One last thing. This video is absolutely hilarious!

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