Holy shnikeroni. What the cranberries. I am a slacker. It has been more than a month. And I have done so much!! Wowzers. Let me just give a photograph glimpse of what I have been doing…

So there’s a little excerpt from my summer, in a nutshell. It has been super fun!!

Girls camp = awesome.

Dixie = awesome.

Lake Powell = awesome.

EFY = awesome.

My birthday yesterday = AWESOME!!

I love my birthday. The events of the day went as follows:  Slept in. Got ready for the day. Went to lunch at Rumbi. Came home. Played. Watched Disney classics. Ate a dinner of homemade pizza. Ate cake and ice cream. Opened my three presents. Played a game. Went on a date.

All in all- FABULOUS!!

That is what I have to say.

Yours, etc.


PS. My friends are awesome! If you consider yourself my friend, you can feel complimented.



  1. Connie says:

    I enjoyed your birthday, too! And, if you must know, I think you are AWESOME!

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