This week…

  • SBO retreat
  • Registration
  • Date to Sundance
  • Disney movie sleepover
  • Presentation on Africa
  • Keys to Success meeting
  • Violin lesson
  • Meeting with Dr. Bentley
  • Green and White game
  • Hanging out with the girls
  • Going to dinner with Fan and Whit
  • Hanging out with Charley
  • Staying up until 3 last night
  • Thinking until my brain explodes

Yep. That is my week. Think it doesn’t sound like a lot? Think again. It was absolutely insane. And totally fun and exhilarating!! I had a blast this week! Ah. Super awesome. I have no real adventure stories from this week…but it was just a blast!

Also…I just found out that my best friend turned in his mission papers this week!! HOLY CRAZINESS! I am so super excited for him!!

Quote of today:  “Yo tengo un hamborguesa en mi mochila.” -Sarah Christensen

Good morning, Baltimore!!

Yours truly,

Kelsey Leone


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