Happy happy labor day!

I love having days off school! It’s absolutely the greatest thing ever. Especially when….IT’S ANDREW JO’S BIRTHDAY!!

My favorite person ever, Andrew Jo!

My favorite person ever, Andrew Jo!

Today, I went to a free movie at the dollar theater with Andrew, Andrew, and Marcelo.  Andrew and Andrew saw Star Trek, and Marcelo and I saw Transformers 2.  Holy awesome! Transformers is a sick movie! It was super good!! I enjoyed it thoroughly. But I’ll have to go watch Star Trek sometime, because I hear it is quite good as well!

PS.  One of my favorite parts of Transformers was when his mom is high….that part was so funny!!

So after the movies, the 4 of us headed over to my house and ate lunch (sorry that it wasn’t very good guys! I wish we had more food haha.) Then we got a piece of cake since we happened to have chocolate cake at my house. I placed the cake on a plate, and stuck a green candle in the center. Then I lit the candle, and we sang a very odd version of happy birthday. It went like this: Shelby played the piano, and Andrew, Marcelo, and I all sang…each of us in a different key. I’m sure Andrew Jo enjoyed that rendition immensely.

After the boys left, I went to my room and took a nap. Which was quite refreshing, seeing as I stayed up pretty late last night. (Thanks a lot, Marcelo. Haha)  Then, I practiced the violin, then made two separate trips to the grocery store (hmmm sounds like a waste of gas, no?) and then ate dinner with my family and grandparents.

After dinner, my siblings and I made an amazing discovery.  Launching off the Lovesac!! It is so awesome! You have no idea. If you ever come over, we can play Lovesac Launching. It’s the epitome of fun!

That’s the story of my day.

Other fun things I did this weekend:  going to the Hillcrest vs. Lehi football game (we won 41-0!! Yes!), and going to Copperton Park and making delicious tin foil dinners with one of the coolest families ever, the Sampsons! It was great fun!!

Until we meet again, I am,


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One thought on “Happy happy labor day!

  1. Whitney Baum says:

    I can’t wait to come over for some love sac launching! maybe i can haul mine over too and we can DOUBLE the fun!!! haha

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