weird music mood

Recently I have been expanding my range of music. These are some of my favorite bands that I have recently been exposed to or have recently begun to like:

  • The Sounds
  • Bloc Party
  • Wolf Parade
  • Paramore
  • Mae
  • Jack’s Mannequin
  • Lostprophets

And these are just a few. It may seem kind of odd, but I just have a thing for weird music. I always have. The weird stuff just appeals to me, for some reason.  All of this stuff ( ) is kinda weird. But I really really like it. Especially The Sounds. Pretty much, these guys are super weird and awesome. The first song I listened to by them, I fell in love with. (it was Living In America.)  They have some pretty cool music videos too.  I really like them. A lot. I also just love Bloc Party. They are just uber cool. Really.

Some other bands that have been suggested to me that I haven’t listened to yet are The Faint, Minus the Bear, The Ark, The Brobecks, Beck, and a couple others that I don’t remember at the moment.  I’m listening to The Faint right now, and I like what I’m hearing!

If you have any suggestions of any weird bands for me to listen to, go ahead and tell me your suggestion. I’d love to hear anything you have to offer! I’m in a weird music mood. So just let me know.


Look these up. They’re awesome.

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