I think….that I wish I could see my best friends more often.  There are a couple of my really really good friends that I barely ever get to see. And I miss them! Ah. It has been too long!

I think….that procrastination is funny.  Especially where dances are concerned. Getting asked two days before homecoming is pretty awesome, wouldn’t ya say?

I think….we all need to use our brain power a bit more.  Kick it into gear. We can do so much if we just put our minds to it!

I think….attitude not only determines altitude, it determines EVERYTHING. Without the right attitude you just won’t have success in your endeavors.

I think….everyone needs to set their standards and stick to them.  No faking your way through life.  No being a hypocrite. It will ruin you.

I think….excuses are just justifications for your mistakes.  Don’t make excuses. Just accept the fact that you messed up and take the responsibility for your actions.  No one is perfect, others will forgive you if you don’t try to escape the situation.

I think….everyone should express their emotions. If you keep it inside you, it’ll just bug you for ever and ever.  That’s why you need friends who will listen to you.  So indirectly, this thought is: everyone needs a good friend.

I think….that there should be no one who doesn’t stick to their beliefs. Find what you believe and stay strong.

I think….E.H.F.A.R.


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