My apologies.

In  recompense, I must do this.

I had a complaint about #5 in last post’s list. “When Keith Olsen answers texts/calls and keeps promises. I mean, that’s always a good thing, right? (you asked for it, bud)”  Can you guess who complained?

So, to make restitution, I wrote a few poems concerning said person.

Poem 1

Keith Olsen is awesome,

Keith Olsen is great.

If I ever went fishing,

I wouldn’t use him for bait.

Poem 2

Keith Olsen is funny,

Keith Olsen is cool.

Most people I know

Don’t think he’s a fool.

Poem 3

Keith Olsen is great,

Keith Olsen is cool.

Keith Olsen would never

Push me into a pool.

Poem 4

Keith is one of a kind,

He’s pretty BA.

The extent of his “knowledge”

Would be impossible to say.

Poem 5

In all honesty,

Keith’s a cool guy.

Please do not ever

Smash his face with a pie.

—–end poetry—–

So that’s that.

PS. You never knew I could write poetry, huh?


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