Where has my life gone!?

So. If you blog stalk me, I’d just like to take a moment and apologize to you for not providing you with any new information in….a while.

If you read my blog occasionally, then….sorry for not writing in a while.

If you don’t read my blog, then you’re clearly not reading this.

Anyway. So. Much has happened since I last posted! And so much is about to happen!  I am so excited for the future, and so happy about the past, and elated with the present!  En resumen:

  • March! has been a crazy month.  SBO elections….weird that they are already happening! Grad night planning. Senior dinner dance planning.  I went to a drumline competition once.  I tried using twitter and found it exceptionally boring, so I deleted my account the day after I made it.  Iwent night skiing for the first time, and it was awesome!  hmmm. I tried the Wendy’s salad thingy but, tragically, they didn’t give me a fourteen-ork. I tried eating lychee….needless to say, it was weird.  I started running more, but I haven’t been in a week. Oops.  I played outside with Rachel. I learned my favorite childhood song on the violin.  I traveled around town until 3 am on a school night.  I went to a couple dance concerts.  I got asked to prom! I had to do a lot of homework one day….the day before the end of the quarter, of course. I got some spring fever.
  • I am writing a blog post. I am writing a letter. I am eating.  I am smiling. I am happy!
  • I am going on tour on monday! I am signing up for a room on April 2nd. I am graduating in just a bit more than two months! I am going to BYU next year! I am going to eat right now. I am going to go skiing soon! I am going to the Young Womens general broadcast tomorrow. I am going to partay! I am going to prom. I am going to pass all four of my AP or IB tests!

Okay. So there’s the rundown, in a nutshell.  I’m just happy!! Woo! I’m also hungry. So I think I shall go and eat.

Hasta la vista!

The Cave by Mumford and Sons


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One thought on “Where has my life gone!?

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