It’s over.

Sorry for the hiatus.

Well life has turned me into a busy child.  I had several weeks of living at school, but what else is new? That has been my life for the past three years. But now….I have graduated. This is crazy talk. I am….graduated? Wait, really?

High School In Review

Well.  High school has been an adventure, to say the least. Lots of firsts, lots of lasts, lots of friends, lots of fun, lots of stress, lots of joy. The list goes on and on. But I will just tell you a few of my absolute favorite things about high school.

  • Hillcrest High School. What else do I have to say!? I guarantee that there will never be another school quite like Hillcrest. Is there another school that loses at most sporting events yet still has a giant crowd at every game? Is there another school where you can know absolutely no one on the first day and have 30 friends by the next day? Is there another school where kids are on football and in choir, on swim team and in orchestra, in productions and in IB? Is there another school where everyone can be friends with everyone? Is there another school that is better than Hillcrest? I think not. Hillcrest is essentially my home away from home, and I love that place. Hillcrest will forever have a special place in my heart. Precious, I know.
  • SBO. What a freaking amazing experience! When I first was elected to be a class officer, I was super scared that I wouldn’t have any friends in SBO with me. However. Since that time, the twelve of us (thirteen including Tress!) have become pretty much a family.  I see all of them so much and spend tons of time with them all.  I would probably never be able to date any of the 8 lovely men who were SBOs with me due to the fact that they are practically my brothers. And my girls….what a perfect group! I can’t imagine what SBO would have been like if any one person had been missing from the group.  And I can’t imagine what my senior year would have been like without SBO!  I have learned so much from being an SBO. I’ve learned not to let little things bug me, “Right away is the easy way!” , work hard and you will see results, make friends and you’ll never regret it, live life with a smile on your face, and always do your very best.
  • As sad as this may seem, I find great enjoyment in “Files of PDA.” My favorite facebook photo album. It may seem a bit creeper-esque.  And if this is the case….I might have made a hobby out of creeping. I just think PDA is so hilarious! And in case you’re wondering, if I see you having PDA in any way shape or form, I will take a picture. It’s almost guaranteed. By displaying your affections in public, you are giving me rights to take a picture. So I will. And then I will put it on facebook, whether or not I actually know you.  So my new hobby that came about during high school is: Creeping on the PDAers.
  • Being involved! What would I have done if I weren’t involved during high school? I probably would have become pro at video games or sleeping. Fortunately, I chose to be mega involved! From being in the pit orchestra to being on the swim team, from being an SBO to being in NHS, from going to partays to chilling on the choir couch, from being in the Spanish Club to filling out college applications, from taking IB classes to going on dates on weekends, my high school experience would not have been complete if I had not been involved.  To all those who are still in high school, let me just advise you to be as involved as possible! Live up your high school experience so you can have NO REGRETS about high school. You don’t want to leave high school saying “I wish I would have….”  And you’re not going to be able to say that if you do everything you can!
  • My wonderful family. What would have happened to me during my high school years if I had not become close to my family? My family is a group of the greatest people I know. I love them so much! They do so much for me and I will be very sad to leave them this fall. They are so wonderful and I’m so grateful that I was able to form a lasting relationship with each and every one of the members of my family during high school.
  • My ever-changing, ever-awesome groups of friends!  I have had the best friends I could have asked for! I started out my senior year seeking as many new friends as I could find, which was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I was able to form so many new friendships with people I would have otherwise probably never known.  It has been so wonderful to get to know so many fantastic people during high school and I will never forget any of you! And I hope you will never forget me.

High school has been an experience that has changed my life for good! I have loved it so much. Thanks to everyone who helped make my high school years the best they could be!

By the way. I think a notice is in order:

TODAY IS THE BIRTHDAY OF MY BLOG!!! One year ago, I formed this blog after encouragement from a few friends who also enjoy blogging. One year ago from today, a lifeless online journal was formed. And I have loved this online journal, even if I sometimes forget to write in it.

Anyway. Sorry that transitions aren’t my strong suit….ha.

I love you all! Make today the best day ever!


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    One thought on “It’s over.

    1. Shelby says:

      You know, you became a pro at sleeping even though you did all that stuff.

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