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So! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! (on Tuesday.)

This past Tuesday, it was my birthday! And what a fabulous birthday it was. I woke up and went to Denny’s with Rachel to get my free Grand Slam on my birthday! It was delish. Then, I went home. And sadly, I was pretty bored. Coincidentally, my buddy Scott was also bored. So he came over and we just….played spider solitaire. And hearts. And Webkinz. Exciting, I know. We are very creative.  So Scott left, because he was sick of being bored at my house (plus he had to pick up his sisters), and my familia and I went to dinner at Zupa’s! My favorite. Then….I had some people over. And we all just hung out and played games and watched a movie. So then, they all left at like 11:30. So then, my family gathered, and I opened my presents. It was quite lovely. Then I went to bed. And that was my day.

So all in all, it doesn’t feel very different being 18. Sure, I can go to jail now. Sure, I can buy dry ice. But I still feel like the same me, even if I advanced from August 2nd to August 3rd and became 18. But so far so good! I have enjoyed my time so far as an 18-year-old. It hasn’t been much, but it has been good.

That’s all I have to say for today.

PS. I like lightning. It is so cool!!

PPS. Recently my brother has been working on his bicycling merit badge. So my family and I have been going on many a bike ride. I’ve done an 11, a 14, a 16, a 25, and a 26.2 (yes, I made it a marathon on purpose.) We just got back from the marathon ride and might I just say, my rear end is a bit sore. You might remember that I have a Townie (if you don’t remember, click here and be reminded: https://kelseyleone.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/its-official-facebook-is-lame/ ). And I just have to say….I LOVE MY BIKE! It is pretty much….the best bike ever. I love it a lot. That’s all. Really. I’m not kidding this time.

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One thought on “What’s new?

  1. Kami says:

    Kels! Congrats on turning 18! I know what you mean about not feeling different… I still feel, and act, like an 18 year old at times. Also, I am very impressed with the amount of bike riding you’ve been doing. I recently started using my bike that I got when I was 12… I am thinking that it’s time for a new one. What kind of bike do you have?

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