Something good.

I feel the radiant heat of the sun burning down on my skin, masked by the cool of the wind.  My ears are filled with the sound of the air rushing past as I head straight downhill, standing up on the pedals, bent over the handlebars. Eyes watering behind my sunglasses, I toss out a casual “On your left!” as I zoom past my brother. Panting and sweating, I coast until friction gets the best of me and I start the trek up another hill. As I get to the top, I take a glance around – the view is breathtaking! But the image doesn’t last long. Soon I am speeding down another hill, loving every aspect of this amazing BIKE RIDE.

So obviously, I just described my feelings about bicycling. I love it! It is great. Yesterday I accomplished something great: I went on a 50 mile bike ride. May I just say that I am very proud of this. However, awesome as it may seem, it was quite difficult. Especially the last five miles. Because somehow we ended up with 5 miles uphill at the very end. And there was NO wind. At all. So I was dying of heat, and aching legs, and aching back, and thirst, and hunger, and going so slow that I almost fell over. But then! I came to the top of the hill. And I saw a sight that has never in my life brought me so much joy. It was a minivan! Parked in the middle of nowhere! OUR MINIVAN! I was saved. By seeing something shiny that was not on the road. Oh, Grantsville.

Anyway! Only the last five miles were torture, the rest was great. You should try it sometime! Especially on a townie….because they are the best. See previous post.

Yesterday I bought a box of Gobstoppers. And I put them in my BENTO BOX! And when I would get to the top of a hill, sometimes I would reward myself with a Gobstopper. Except not the red ones, because you HAVE to save the red ones for last. Last the best of all the game, so obviously red has to be last. So then, we stopped for a second to take a water break. and my dad leaned his bike on my bike, since his doesn’t have a kick stand because it’s too cool. Anyway. Unfortunately, my kick stand was not strong enough to withstand the opposing force of my dad’s bike and gravity. So they tipped over. Onto the dirt. And half of my Gobstoppers spilled out. Not to worry! Dad picked them up and brushed them off and put them back in the box. All is well. Except there were only four red ones….but that is okay. I still saved them. PS, I think someone  needs to give me red gobstoppers that they saved for me from man camp….you know who you are.

By the way, I love my Bento Box.

Isn't it so great!?

So that’s pretty much all I have to say….okay bye.

DS. Along the lines of something good:

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