the end….of….summer….

As much as I hate to say it….summer is drawing to a close.

That is the worst thought I have had all day.

What the heck. So when school got out, all I could think about was how great summer was going to be! And it has been great. But now that summer is mostly over, mostly I think about how great school is going to be. But regrettably, I also sometimes think about how great it would be to have some more summer. Summer is just so….liberating!  Especially after graduation. It has just been a party in a jar. So that is why I am wishing for more summer.

I have had a ridiculous amount of fun this summer. I have loved every minute of it! Anything from egg drop dates to drive in movies to a Disney Movie Marathon (we just completed the tenth and final one last night) to singing at Crosslands on Sundays to a trip to Disneylandia to being really annoyed that my bicep keeps twitching even though I ate a banana for beta blockers (current) to making friendship bracelets to my birthday to spider solitaire to writing in my journal to eating froyo to hearts to violining to not wearing makeup or doing my hair to riding bikes to going swimming to my favorite pair of sunglasses to 5 gum (ha) to carnivals and rodeo to staying out after curfew to sleepovers to trips to BYU to anything else! I have just had so much fun this summer!! I will culminate my summer talk with some photographs.

So that is my summer, in a nutshell. I have loved it so much! but now it is time to go to college (on monday! AHHH) and party hardy! I am way excited, no matter how much I will miss summer. (which I will.) But it’s all good. Because anything is what you make it. So it will be good, since I will make it good!



PS. I bought my ticket to Vampire Weekend/Beach House this week! If you don’t know these bands….get a life and watch these.

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One thought on “the end….of….summer….

  1. Whitney says:

    Oh! Cute pictures kel! I love it!!! :)

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