I love this.

Okay. I cannot express to you how much I love college.


I just….love it.

It is a party here. Every day. Day in, day out. It is so great! Really though, I am learning to have amazing self discipline. Because I can’t go partying all the time, due to the fact that I have homework to do every day. Also, I have unlimited food at my fingertips every day. So I am learning to control my eating. And, if I may say so, I am doing a fairly good job of it. And. My awesome roomie and I are getting in the habit of working out regularly. It’s the best. I love that I meet new people every day and it is just a super social environment. Example: Tonight I went to the creamery-slash-grocery store because 1) I needed some stuff, and 2) I needed to spend some money from my meal plan so they wouldn’t start deducting from me. So I was there and I checked out and I was waiting for my friend who was a couple people behind me in line. So I’m just chilling there, right? So I’m just glancing around and I randomly made eye contact with this kid who I had never met before. So he’s just like, What’s your name? la dee da, small talk etc. and I meet the kid who was there with him. So now I have two new buddies, Warren and Ry. Super great!

I love the girls I live with. So much. Everyone gets along great! and I feel like I have formed way close relationships with a whole bunch of them. I just want to hang out with them all the time! It is lovely! I just  have a blast every minute that I’m home in addition to every minute that I’m not home. It is the perfect setup.

Umm so classes are good, I am freaking busy though. With my 15 credit hours plus all the homework for that, in addition to being Relief Society president, in addition to being involved with BYU/SA and TOPS and anything else you might be able to think of, I have….not a lot of excess time. So I have been extending my social time into my sleep time, which is definitely not the most wise decision. The latest I have been to sleep during the school year is about one, so I’m not doing too horribly. But this week, I have promised myself I will do better. And that is a promise I MUST keep. because today is Friday and I am just pooped. exhausted. flat out. Next week needs to be better.

But overall. Everything is just….SO FUN! I can’t believe how much fun it is! BYU is amazing. I heard four members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speak LIVE at the Marriott Center within three days. It was amazing. Here at BYU, you open class with a prayer. Isn’t that just cool? I love it.

So yeah the battery of my compy is dying and I’m not in my room right now. So I will give you a few pictures and bid you farewell.

It was mega hot at the football game. But awesome nonetheless.

I love TK!

Favorite scoreboard ever.

My math teacher was giving an example of proof by contradiction. Nick Kerr and I laughed really hard. Plus also, it's FEDORA KID!

So that’s all for now. Have a party.

Bye bye!

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One thought on “I love this.

  1. Whitney says:

    Ah, i love college as well because… EVERYTHING IS A PARTY! :)

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