You’re crāssssy.


I’m zooming along. Wind whistling in my ears. Little to no depth perception. Surrounded by white. Ears and nose are numb. Breathing heavily. Goggles fogging up. Cross cutting every which way. Powder spraying left and right. SKIING. (obviously.)

The best.

I love skiing. Yesterday was my first time on the slopes since May 31st. Given, that’s less than six months, but I still missed it. It was so great to be out on the mountain again! Yesterday I only got in a half day on my snowboard. But today…. The best. Hours and hours on a pair of skis. I felt at home. Up and down the mountain, time and time again. What more could you ask for!? This is definitely the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving break…. Living at the Cliff Lodge, beautiful view out my 9th floor window, complete access to the mountain AND to several hot tubs, surrounded by family. I’m in heaven, I swear.


How is it that life is so awesome? In every aspect.

I honestly don’t know.

But since it is Thanksgivingtime, let me just say….

I am grateful for YOU. (yes. you.)


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One thought on “You’re crāssssy.

  1. Paige says:

    Kelsey! Sounds amazing, I can’t wait to try out the skiing up north a bit in Pennsylvania. I hope everything is going well for you Miss Relief Society Pres!!
    I looked at some of your pictures and you look beautiful and happy :). Maybe I’ll see you around at the Y next year!

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