you caught me.

I’m not one for much online shopping or wishful thinking, but I have been snagged by both.


Kennebunkport Dress for $62.99 at Modcloth

I have been trapped.

This is just one example of the things I am infatuated by on ModCloth. It’s just a website I found (through a Facebook ad, of all things), a purely online retail system of vintage, indie style clothing. I am obsessed.

If I had an unlimited supply of money, I would likely purchase 80% or more of the items found on this website. And I would wear them all.

Ah! I keep getting distracted from this blog post and looking at their selection of dresses. Seriously. If this keeps up, I’ll have a big problem.

So, if any of you are wondering what to give me for Christmas….

I’m really loving:


Or, if you’re feeling like spending a little more, I’d gladly take:

The only issue with my little obsession here is….pricing. If you take a look at the last three pictures, you will notice a trend….TRIPLE DIGITS. The price range for my new favorite site is generally about $40-$200. And that’s fine and all, except for the fact that I’m a poor college student, with not very much spending money. These dresses are definitely out of the price range (although, this is nothing compared to some of the Chanel and Marc Jacobs dresses I just spotted on Decades two.1 that are selling for upwards of $1,500.00, but that is beside the point). Maybe I’ll just have to check the DI and create my own vintage outfits.

On the topic of awesome websites though, I also discovered this morning (I was on a roll) a friend of a friend’s photography website/blog. And it is….freaking awesome! I don’t know her, but I’ll advocate her anyway. Nathalie Van Empel, whoever she is, is a fabulous photographer. If you’re interested, you may visit her website by clicking here. I plan to keep tabs on her site. I especially like the Brothers portfolios. This site makes me aspire to be a good photographer. Someday, when I am no longer a poor college student, I’ll buy myself a nice camera and become a master photographer. While wearing my vintage outfits, of course.

Until then,


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3 thoughts on “you caught me.

  1. Kelsey Edman says:

    Kels!! I love these dresses! I also love this website I look at it often!!

  2. Whitney says:

    Kel! Vintage wear at Ross/Tj Maxx lots of times :) We should go.

  3. Audrey says:

    I LOVE MOD CLOTH!! but yes it is a bit pricey. sad face. :(

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