gentlemen broncos moment

Once upon a time, we were at my grandparents’ house. My grandparents live in rural Idaho, so there are lots of wild turkeys and deer and such that live on their extensive property. Near the house, there are some silos full of grain and such, and my grandpa likes to let some wild animals feed on said grain. So. My family and I were looking out the window at the wild turkeys eating grain, when along came some deer. Evidently, deer and turkeys don’t get along well, because the turkeys kind of moved over when the deer showed up, and then the deer started bullying the turkeys and the turkeys just moved along. But I guess turkeys aren’t especially trustworthy, because one of the does (like, a doe, not an action verb) of the group of about 10 or so deer kinda stood off a ways from the group on the lookout, making sure that the turkeys didn’t come back. So my super funny mom (no lie, she cracks me up) then made a profound statement:

“Oh my holy crap.

Surveillance does.

I hate those.”

And right she was.

ps. Happy 2011!


One thought on “gentlemen broncos moment

  1. jo says:

    too bad i missed this but i’m so glad you documented it.

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