Student Leadership: Leaders in history

As a leader in any capacity, it is important to look back to leaders in history as examples of outstanding leadership. The historical leaders we know are generally great examples of leaders, hence their recognition. If we take time to study historical leaders that we know and respect, we will be able to find what made them such great leaders and will then be able to implement such qualities into our own lives.

In the Church, it is especially important for us to look leaders from the past. We have countless examples of fearless leaders (prophets, apostles, mission presidents, stake presidents, bishops, Elders Quorum and Relief Society presidents, Young Men’s and Young Women’s presidents, Primary presidencies and teachers, Sunday school presidencies and teachers…. the list goes on and on!) and we can always look to their words and deeds when trying to become better leaders in the Church.

It is especially important for all members of the Church, regardless of standing or calling, to look to the words of prophets for guidance. Since prophets are God’s mouthpiece here on earth, we know that we can trust and rely on their counsel and guidance. Since Christ is the ultimate leader and our prophets are speaking for Him, our prophets truly are the ultimate leaders alive today and we should make a continuous effort to know and follow the words they speak. They often give us advice on what we should do, what qualities we should strive to exemplify, what type of an attitude we should strive to have, what habits we should work to develop, etc. If we take all of their advice into account, we will be working toward being the best we can be and toward being greater leaders.

As a member of the Church striving to develop my leadership capabilities, I look at the prophets and apostles in the Church as amazing leaders that I personally want to follow. Even if I don’t have a specific leadership calling in the church, I can still exemplify the leadership qualities that God’s spokesmen are urging right now. The training I receive now will be able to benefit me in all leadership capacities in the future. Currently, since I am serving in a leadership position in the Church, I have been able to directly apply the words of the prophets concerning leadership to my experience in the Church. It has been amazing to come to know how much the prophets and apostles care about Church members, and through leadership instruction given by them, I have been able to increase my ability to be an effective leader.

I would challenge all who are reading this to visit and find a talk or two given by general authorities about leadership. No matter if you are a member of the LDS church or not, the instruction and guidance given by these prophets concerning leadership can help you to become  a better leader, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.



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