Student Leadership: Divine-Centered Leadership

This week for our leadership class, we had to read the BYU publication Divine-Centered Leadership. This is a fantastic publication on how to become better leaders, esp. more Christ-like leaders. There is one point that was brought up in Divine-Centered Leadership that I would like to focus on today, and that is:

Pointing Beyond One’s Self Toward God and Christ

I truly find this idea captivating. When I first read it, I hadn’t really thought about it before. But as I thought more and more about it, the idea of it grew on me. As leaders, our ultimate goal should not be to bring those we are leading up to our level. We are not perfect; why should those we are leading strive to be exactly like us as leaders and just stop there? We need to point beyond ourselves to that which is more important – our divine leaders, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. As the perfect example, Jesus Christ showed us the way of truth and happiness. We, as leaders, should strive to be like Him, and in so doing, point our followers to be like Him also.

As a member of the Church, it is important to point all those around us to be more like Christ. We are examples of the truth not only in church settings, but in everything we do. It is not only Church members that we should point to Christ – it is everyone. In our work, school, family, or friend settings, or any other setting we may encounter, it is important for us to exemplify Christ-like qualities so that we may point others along the path as well. If we are not walking the walk, we can’t tell others to do so. In that regard, it’s especially important for  us to show qualities of divine-centered leadership so that others will be able, not just willing, to follow us.

As a Relief Society president, I feel that I have a special responsibility to point the members of my Relief Society along the path toward Christ. I feel the responsibility to point my RS past myself toward Christ. I shouldn’t try to have my RS be like me, I should help them want to be like Christ, the ultimate leader. I can do this by doing my personal best to be like Christ in every aspect.

If you ever get the chance to read Divine-Centered Leadership, I would highly recommend it. I learned a lot from reading it (it’s well worth the 43 pages!) and I plan to implement much from that text into my everyday life.

PS. GO BYU! GO JIMMER! GO BYU! (in case you didn’t know….we beat SDSU!)


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