Student Leadership: Strengths-based leadership

This week in Student Leadership, we had a guest speaker, Christy Lively (freelance writer), who spoke to us about strengths-based leadership. I learned much about serving and leading with my strengths. One thing she said caught me especially off-guard, though. Ms. Lively said that you will be a more effective leader if you focus your energies on increasing your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses. As I was thinking about this comment, I couldn’t really comprehend it. But as I pondered it, I came to understand it a bit better. Allow me to explain.

If you as a leader are constantly thinking about what you need to do better, how you need to improve, what you need to fix…. You won’t have time or energy to consider those you are working with/for. Your energies will constantly be on improving yourself, making yourself better, instead of helping to lift others up. If you utilize your strengths in your leadership, you will be able to encourage and uplift others because you will be able to focus on THEM rather than on you. Great strategy, no?

As a member of the Church, it is very important to me to be able to focus on my strengths. This week, I will make a special effort to utilize my extroverted personality to reach out to those around me, especially within my ward and most especially in my Relief Society. I think this can really help me to realize what I can do for them and how I can help them become better people.


One thought on “Student Leadership: Strengths-based leadership

  1. Selina Miller says:

    Awesome thoughts. As we turn outward and serve others more instead of focusing on our own weaknesses, our weaknesses often automatically correct themselves. I can’t wait to hear how you specifically apply this principle in your role! :)

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