Student Leadership: Conflict Resolution

This week in Student Leadership (as you may have guessed) we talked about conflict resolution. I found the lecture, given by Sterling May, Student Body Vice President, to be very informative. One of the things I found most interesting was that we tend to generalize and say that it’s best to confront the problem and just get it resolved. However, that is not necessarily true. Many times, the method of resolving conflict may differ. At times, it may be best to let it just blow over, or it may be best to just let it go and let the other person/whatever it is you are conflicting with have it their way. Sometimes that may be difficult to do, but it can work well if the circumstances are right.

We took a quiz in our lab this week about how we deal with conflict. I had a plurality (yeah I just used that word, get over it) of being “Avoiding” when I deal with conflict. As I reflected on that, I could definitely see that in myself. A couple weeks ago, there was a dramatic situation with some girls that live near me, and instead of forcing myself to go talk to them, I pretty much holed myself up in my room until it blew over. At the beginning of this week, some very interesting things went down in my life…. kind of turned everything upside down. I could see the avoidance tendency coming out, because I kinda just wanted to run away from the problem. And, just a couple days ago, my friend and I were talking, and we were kind of complaining about how a certain person bugged us. But neither of us wanted to do anything about it, we were just complaining for the heck of it. So I had no problems seeing this avoidance tendency in myself.

Lately, in my leadership role, a large conflict has been that people don’t do their visiting teaching. Sometimes, I have just completely delegated the responsibility of following up  and talking to the sisters who didn’t do their VT to the supervisors, etc. But this month,  I will make a special effort to participate in encouraging everyone to do their visiting teaching, and not just encouraging, but also following through. I think that following through with that and communicating effectively with the sisters of my Relief Society will be the best way to resolve this conflict.

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