The Seven Traits of BYU

During my period of study at BYU (six months and counting), I have discovered seven essential traits about the school and the students who attend said school. There are more than just these seven, but I have come to find that these very accurately describe a large portion of the school’s population.

The Seven Most Typical Occurrences At Brigham Young University

If you are walking on Brigham Young University campus, I guarantee that you will observe the following seven things happening, no matter where you are or what time it is:

  1. Someone eating
  2. Someone sleeping
  3. Someone studying
  4. Someone on a computer
  5. Someone (a couple) holding hands
  6. Someone talking about Jimmer
  7. Someone with a baby (or any young child)

Now you know what we learn here at BYU.


One thought on “The Seven Traits of BYU

  1. Brennan Staheli says:

    Someone with earbuds in.

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