Student Leadership: Public Speaking

[Disclaimer: I am listening to Vampire Weekend while writing this post, and I’ve been stressing h-core for the past hour and a half….actually week. So if this post gets a little feisty, I’m sorry.]

Public Speaking. Those two words alone can fill anyone with an immense amount of dread. However, if this skill is mastered, it can be a powerful tool. In our lab this week, we talked about public speaking (obviously). We learned some important tips for speaking effectively. One of the tips that caught my attention the most was  the fact that you need to know your audience. Every single little bit of information you can possibly find about about your audience. You need to know it. Knowing your audience is vital to your success as a speaker. If you don’t know your audience, you can’t effectively convey a message to them. So you absolutely need to know your audience.

Soon I will be giving a presentation to my Relief Society about visiting teaching. I think I need to focus my preparation efforts on conveying the message to the sisters individually, although I will be speaking to them as a group. Also it is important for me to speak to them just as friends, not a formal audience. In that context, a friend-attitude is better than a lecture-teacher attitude. With this in mind, I will implement what I have learned about public speaking in my upcoming presentation, as well as in all public speaking opportunities in the Church in my future.


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