Student Leadership: Time Management

This week in class, we talked about having good time management skills. This was a fantastic topic for me, because, for a long time, I have been trying to improve my time management skills. The guest speaker was Heidi Perry of the Deseret News. She brought up some very interesting concepts about learning to manage your time well. Learning to have good time management should be a priority in each of our lives. I will now give a couple (paraphrased) quotes from Ms. Perry’s lecture that I found very interesting.

“The way you allocate your time is a reflection of your agency.”

“Time management is not a secondary concept. Your goal should be the ability to master each day.”

“Urgent things rob us of the time we could have given to important things.”

“Abraham Lincoln said, ‘We shouldn’t do for people what they can do for themselves.’ Before you do something, ask yourself, ‘Can somebody else learn to do this? Would this help with someone’s development?”

And now one from Elder David A. Bednar:

“Leadership is about what you do and what you leave behind. Leave behind more leaders. One priority is to build other leaders.”

Time management is essential for your success, no matter what your circumstances. To me, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t have a position of some influence. Unless you’re a hermit. But you’re not, so you have influence on someone. If you don’t have good time management, you will not be able to be as good of an example as you could be.  Utilizing the skill of good time management is altogether improving your leadership skills. If you are effective at managing your time, you will be able to reach out to more people and set a good example for those you are leading.

The steps to good time management are:

  1. Keep a running list of priorities.
  2. Manage it dynamically.

You have to know what’s most important but still be flexible.

In my leadership role as a member of the Church and especially as the Relief Society president, time management is of the essence. If I don’t have my priorities in order and schedule time for each, I won’t be successful in all my endeavors. This week, I will focus my efforts more rigidly on scheduling time each day to focus on my calling and improve what needs to be improved. I will take time to reach out to the sisters in need and help them along their paths.


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