Student Leadership: Strategic Planning

[Another disclaimer. Currently listening to Chromeo. So my post could potentially be based off techno hip-hop lyrics.]

Once upon a time, I went to class this week and learned about strategic planning. We used the RACE model for strategic planning, which is as follows:


Action Plan



This was a pretty cool model to follow. (I just almost spelled model “modle.” That reminds me of Zoolander.) I learned quite a bit, actually. We worked in groups to create a plan for the situation we were given. It was actually quite difficult! It took a lot of work to effectively make a plan that would get the results you wanted. However, I think the RACE method is a very effective way to make sure you do get the results you want.

In the Church, I personally have not done a lot of strategic planning. However, I think this idea could be implemented in any leadership calling I have. I will use the example of Relief Society president, since that is my current calling. In RS, we do encounter some problems, such as people not doing their visiting teaching, and low attendance from some people. As a presidency, we can use the RACE method to change that. We can do our research as to why people aren’t doing their visiting teaching, form an action plan to fix the problem and motivate people to do their duties, carry out that plan, and then do a follow-up evaluation. I think that would be an effective way to begin solving the problem. I will do that at presidency meeting this week!

Bye, folks.


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