Student Leadership: Situational Leadership

[It’s a TDCC day.]

This week, we learned about situational leadership. There are four main types of situational leadership, and they are:



Supporting, and


You may be able to figure out what each type of leadership implies. I will mainly focus on supporting in this post. I think that the Supporting style of leadership applies most to my life at present. There are many opportunities for me to support those around me and thereby help them to be better and to improve their leadership. I think especially that in my leadership role as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I can make a special effort to support those around me and help them to improve without making them feel bad for doing something wrong. In my current calling of Relief Society president, I can help support the sisters in my RS and help them to reach their full potential. This week, I will make a special effort to directly support those around me and encourage them to become their best self.

One thought on “Student Leadership: Situational Leadership

  1. Brennan Staheli says:

    Ha, gotta love the simplicity. But it’s true, I kinda fall into this directing habit with my calling and I tend to forget that being more supportive would probably accomplish more in the long term. People like to be buoyed up.

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