Enough already.

Sometimes, I think too much. Actually, this happens fairly often. There are times when something will bug me a teeny bit, and it just itches and itches at me and I just dwell on it for a long, long time. Or, sometimes, something will be totally fine. Then it will keep coming up in my mind and after a little while, it starts to eat at me and get under my skin and just start to bug me. Even if it’s something I can’t change. Especially when it’s something I can’t change. And, generally speaking, I don’t tell anyone about it, because either I shouldn’t be worrying about it and I know if I tell anyone, they’ll probably reprimand me for thinking and thinking about it, or because I don’t want to bother anyone with my incessant unnecessary worrying and irritations. What can I do to stop??

Another question…. Well first, a preface. I suck at feelings-talking. And I’m not just saying that. I legitimately have a difficult time at expressing how I feel about something, because I have gotten myself into the mode of, It’s making someone else happy/that’s just how it is, so I don’t talk about how I feel about it. One person in particular isn’t very happy with my habit of suppressing my feelings. I have been trying to get over the no-feelings mentality, and I have been getting better, but still am not very good. Any suggestions?

Really. I’m serious.

PS. Here’s a nice photo.

The Festival of Colors

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3 thoughts on “Enough already.

  1. Connie says:

    Perhaps you should dig a little deeper to find the root of your reluctance to express feelings. Do you have a fear of rejection or ridicule? Do you assume your feelings are not important to others? Do you have an overbearing mother who has scarred you for life? Mothers make convenient scapegoats. Don’t worry, I can take it! I love you!

  2. Connie says:

    Oh,also . . . I love the picture! I feel a bubble of happiness when I look at it. (Just modeling for you.)

  3. Whitney says:

    Sometimes we don’t express feelings because we’re too scared to do so… and I understand that completely. Because it’s frightening to emotionally put you outside of your bubble of your “self”. However: in ANY relationship you have, whether it be with a certain person, your old friends or new people you’re just meeting, the best thing you can to do create trust and have a relationship work (especially a relationship romantically) is through communication. I know. I’m a communication major so of course that’s what I’m going to say but it’s true. It’s frustrating when people can’t just communicate with you so you know how they’re feeling. Communication is the best thing you can do to make a relationship survive. So even if it’s scary, or you don’t want to, just remember, it develops trust and creates a stronger bond between people. that’s all :)

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