Student Leadership: Leading Change

This week in class, we talked about leading change. Leading change can be difficult to do, but many times, it is necessary. Our speaker, Brother Ward, spoke to us about how to lead change in many different instances: public or private, within a large group or a small one – in many various settings and circumstances. Leading change can be difficult, but, once learned, can become a useful skill.

Change is a particularly difficult concept for me. Generally speaking, I prefer things to stay the same. However, when a change needs to be made, I usually try to implement that change. In my current calling in the Church, there have been several instances when I have needed to institute a change within the Relief Society, whether it be regarding, actions, attitudes, or otherwise. It has been a difficult process and was not always successful. However, I learned a lot about how to effectively get others to participate in and be willing to change. Although change is difficult, it can be accomplished. My goal this week will be to help continue the shift toward positive attitudes about the gospel and Relief Society that we have been trying to implement.


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