You know, it’s a rather unfortunate event when you write a blog post about blogging more, and then proceed to not have internet access in your apartment for three weeks. It happens.

So in my hiatus, I have thought about what I wrote in my previous post.  That I would become a more in-depth writer, etc. Although that aspiration still remains, I felt that I was….trying a bit too hard. So I’m just going to write whatever comes to me. If it is deep and thought-provoking, cool. If not, then so be it.

The other day, a kid at work (who is probably as close to hipster without actually being hipster as you can get) was talking about his obsession with Sufjan Stevens, who I have been liking more and more lately, as fate may have it. So, this kid was basically telling me everything about Sufjan Stevens (for those of you who don’t know, Sufjan is an indie-pop-techno-folk artist….basically a bit of everything in his music. It’s awesome. Read more about Sufjan here, and don’t judge me for citing Wikipedia) and I was thoroughly enjoying my increase in knowledge concerning Sufjan. So basically, my friend was telling me about Sufjan’s music-writing hiatus. I’m going to give you a short summary. Sufjan has a degenerative disease that basically causes him chronic pain and affects his nervous system. I don’t know what disease it is, but I know that’s what has happened. Anyway. This makes it so it’s difficult for Sufjan to play the guitar, which is basically his life, right? So that’s gotta be pretty depressing, when you get a disorder that causes you to quit doing what you love, or at least cut back a lot. And, well, it was depressing for him. He basically became an introvert and didn’t write music for a long time. But then, Sufjan made a discovery. That discovery was Royal Robertson. Royal Robertson was an artist who lived from 1936-1997. He was a self-proclaimed prophet and had a fascination with other-worldly concepts, such as the afterlife, the judgment, aliens, etc. Royal Robertson also suffered from schizophrenia and was tormented by this disease – tormented so much that he ended up kicking his wife and eleven children out of his house and just spent years and years consumed by art. He depicted many of his visions, whether schizophrenic or revelatory I guess we’ll never know, hence why so much of his art is focused on concepts that don’t exist in our society. Obviously I don’t know the details of Sufjan’s self discovery, because why would he share that with the world? All I know is that Sufjan found amazing inspiration in Royal Robertson’s artistic journey and struggles with schizophrenia. (See Sufjan talking about it here.) This, I’m assuming, helped Sufjan overcome his mental block against writing new music and expand his repertoire with The Age of Adz, which differed a lot from his previous albums. In a good way, to me at least.

So that’s my story for today. Like Sufjan, all of us have struggles. They may not be debilitating disorders of the nervous system or schizophrenia, but we all have challenges. When we encounter these challenges, we must have the willpower and the strength to rise above them. We must realized how blessed we are and take advantage of the opportunities all around us. Learn to love and do what you love, even when times are tough.

And that’s basically it.

PS. “He is an inspiration to us all.” -Jacob


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