Student Leadership Round Two: My First Week As An Executive Director

Well! I’m at this again. I know I have already blogged about leadership many times, but I am excited to have the chance to do it again, this time with a little different perspective and some new experiences to add. About a week ago, I began my term as an Executive Director for BYU/SA (Brigham Young University Student Service Association). It was a fabulous first week, let me tell you that much. In leadership class last week, we discussed the BYU/SA vision and mission. For those of you reading this who are not familiar with either, I will quickly quote them for you.

BYU/SA Vision

As a part of a BYU education, the Student Service Association’s vision is to be leaders centered on Jesus Christ, who contribute to the building of Zion communities which are united in heart and mind that there be no intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, or physically poor among us.

BYU/SA Mission

To attain this vision, our mission is to engage students in opportunities which cultivate:
A Sense of Belonging: uniting people to each other and to a cause.
Refined Skills and Talents: training, development and application of leadership and practical skills.
Divine-Centered Leadership: developing highly capable leaders who desire, seek and do the will of the Lord.
Meaningful Contributions: planning with a purpose, implementing and assessing a variety of meaningful contributions.
Commitment to Future Service: reviewing key principles, reflecting on the experience and creating a vision for future service.
A Spirit of Honor: inspiring and educating individual students to live with honor and develop ethical courage by abiding by the principles of the Honor Code.

Cool, right?

So I work in the Activities area of BYU/SA. Basically what we do is….plan activities. Pretty self-explanatory. At first, it seems a little bit difficult to apply the vision of BYU/SA to the activities area; after all, there’s only so much you can do with activities, right? Well. I have come to discover that Activities actually fit very well with the vision. Allow me to explain. So the vision states that we desire to contribute to the building of Zion communities. What better exemplifies a Zion community than getting people together and having fun? Really though. I think developing our social skills (and no matter how “cool” you are, you still have work to do in that dept.) is vital to not having any physically, intellectually, spiritually, or emotionally poor among us. It applies to all four categories.

As far as the BYU/SA mission goes, I really like the Meaningful Contributions part. We aren’t just planning activities for the sake of planning activities. We’re not just doing it for the satisfaction of having 2000 people attend our event. We are doing it so we can make a meaningful contribution to the experiences of students here at BYU. One event has the potential to change someone’s life! And I love that. That’s why I am so excited to get going. I, myself, have the power to IMPROVE SOMEONE’S LIFE.

More to come concerning leadership in a couple days!


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