the correct way to eat an apple

Before I tell you the correct way to eat an apple/the qualifications for a perfect apple, I just must tell you: that last post about leadership was (almost) a lie. I actually started a brand-spankin-new blog for my leadership posts. So. If you would like to read all my thoughts on leadership, you may visit this wonderful site:

Now my story. So last night, I was at an apartment in my ward where a bunch of cool kids live. (They all speak Chinese, except for one. But even the non-Chinese speaking one is hecka awesome.) We were watching/analyzing a video of a crazy magic trick and talking and eating apples. And somehow, my friend and I got into a discussion regarding the perfect apple and how it should be eaten. Basically, there were two qualifications. They are:

  1. Must be crunchy enough so that you can just stick your teeth in and just break a piece off. No biting all the way down until your teeth close. You have to be able to break it off.
  2. You must eat it in the manner I just described.

And that is it. So if you’re smart, you will find the perfect apple and eat it in the perfect way. The end.


One thought on “the correct way to eat an apple

  1. Paige says:

    As a self-declared connoisseur of apples, I support your apple eating qualifications, but would suggest one more: apples should refrigerated to maintain the integrity of their texture (known in the common vernacular as the “crunch”) as well as to ensure a cool, refreshing effect in the consumer’s mouth. Adressing the technique of apple consumption, I am convinced that the only civilized way to go about it is to bite a full loop around the middle of the apple (approx. 3 inches in width) before continuing on to bite off the the remaining upper and lower portions. The apple eater should methodically bite while rotating the fruit a full 360 degrees until all of the skin and sweetly tangy apple flesh have been evenly stripped from the core. Don’t be disappointed if the common fruit consumer doesn’t develop this technique over night. With a little encouragement, and great care for detail, they too can enjoy the. . . apple experience.


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