Google products are taking over my life.

So the title of this post is fairly self explanatory. But let me just give you a little bit of detail.

1) I have used Gmail for quite some time now; however, a week or two ago, at the prompting of a friend, I decided to obtain a NEW Gmail account, which I did. And I love it. (Don’t worry, my old gmail is set up to forward to the new one.) So that was step one in my Google overtaking.

2) About a week ago, my dear friend Jeffrey taught me how to use the “multiple inboxes” setting on Gmail, so I have fallen more in love with Gmail than ever before.

3) Last week, I started using Google Reader to follow the blogs I like to read. It is quite handy, actually.

4) Last week, I also decided that I needed to start using a planner or calendar or something. So, I began using Google Calendar. And I love it. I would plan out every minute of my day on Google Calendar if I had that kind of time.

5) A couple weeks ago, I received an invite to the new and renowned Google+. By now, everyone probably knows what Google+ is and how it works (I’m still figuring out that second part). So now my social networking is on Google also. I already prefer it to fb.

So that is basically how Google has become the umbrella of my life.

However. The one thing that I cannot motivate myself to use is….Blogger. Nope. No way jose. I just love my wp too much to convert over to that drab ole thing. Today, one Romney Evans tried to convince me to switch to Blogger. But, since I have no desire whatsoever to change my beautiful blog into one of shame and little conviction (that is what blogger brings), I gently declined. Even though Romney is pretty cool (see for yourself here).

The moral of this story is, Google is evidently great. But in all honesty, there’s more to life than Google….and Twitter….and WP….and FB….and youtube….and whatever else. Google will not take over my life to the point where that is no longer true. The end.


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