Self-psychoanalysis concerning Harry Potter.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kelsey who really liked Harry Potter. She may not have been one of those avid fans that watched one of the movies every week and read the books like they were the Bible, but she did enjoy the Harry Potter series quite a bit. She would read all the books every summer and go see all the movies and such. So, Harry Potter was a fairly big part of her childhood. As she got older, she didn’t spend as much time with Harry; her summer days were not devoted to reading her beloved HP books; however, she still adored the books and enjoyed watching the movies.

Then, one day, the last Harry Potter movie came out. Everyone was having a freak-out because it was the last movie and that meant the end of HP as they knew it. Kelsey decided not to go to the midnight showing of this movie due to the fact that she would be going to Lagoon the next day and didn’t want to be super tired for that adventure. And, to this day, Kelsey still has not seen Harry Potter 7.2.

So, that story was about me, in case you didn’t catch that. And yes, it is true that I have not yet seen Harry Potter 7.2. The thing is, I don’t have very much motivation to go. And that is weird. You would think that, since much of my childhood was devoted to Harry Potter and the adoring of the aforementioned, I would be excited to go see it and go to every possible extreme to get there ASAP. But this is not the case. I just have not had the motivation or extreme desire to go see this movie that I would typically expect.

My thoughts on this: After deep reflection, etc., I have determined that somewhere in my subconscious, I don’t want that part of me to be over. All the anticipation that comes with waiting for each book, the excitement to see how they did with the next movie; I just think that I don’t want that to be over. I’ll probably see the movie in the next couple of weeks regardless, but, for now, I can be content with still holding on tight to my dearest Harry Potter.


3 thoughts on “Self-psychoanalysis concerning Harry Potter.

  1. Mom says:

    Want to go to Harry Potter in Park City?

  2. Whitney says:

    I know how you feel. You absolutely need to see it so we can discuss it to death, but yes… I envy the fact that you have not reached the end; an experience that proves to be quite heartbreaking.


  3. Whitney says:

    Yuuup…. bawled through it. Not because it was sad. Because it ended.

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