My deep desire.

I want to have a vinyl collection.

I seriously think that would be one of the coolest things to have. A collection of all my favorite music. On vinyl. Can it get better than that? I don’t think so.

There are two problems with this desire, however. (Neither of them are the lack of a record player — we definitely have one at my house. Sometimes we listen to ABBA or Journey on it.)

Problem 1: $$
Well. There you have it. I think that Problem 1 is fairly self explanatory. At present, I am a college student with barely enough money to pay rent for the year, let alone purchase all my favorite albums on vinyl. Albums on vinyl are pretty expensive, too, so it would be very difficult to resist the temptation to live on the streets this coming year and use the money I save on not paying rent to buy tons of stuff on vinyl. But I don’t really think that would be wise.
Problem 2: My age
So, my next problem is that I am 19 years old. Some of you might not understand why that makes a difference as to why I don’t/can’t have a vinyl collection. This may be difficult to explain. Let me put it like this. I did not live through the era of using vinyl to play your music. Therefore, if I tried to be a collector of vinyl, that would without a doubt label me as a wannabe. Which I don’t particularly want to be labeled as. Dispute me if you have a different opinion, but I really just feel like if I were to have a vinyl collection, I would be mocked for being the young punk who wishes she lived through eras previous to her own.

So those are my problems. What do you say?

I have one other deep desire. I think this one is more feasible and less restricted by age. This desire is to purchase a polaroid camera and use it (ie. take pictures). I think I’ll go look on amazon and/or etsy.

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