I am appalling myself by doing this. Also, I need your help.

Okay, I’m in a fix.

Here’s my fix. I have an issue with posting more than one blog post in a day. I just think it’s too much. OTT, if you will. Blog lovers unite, as they say, but once a day is good enough. But the problem is, I get into these blogging moods where I have approximately seven things (on average (I think (I don’t actually count (usually)))) (Thanks to P-Cam for influencing me to do the many-parentheses thing (if he ever finds out I just called him P-Cam….)) to blog about, but I only blog about one since I forbid myself from blogging more than once in a day. So I end up making a list of things I need to blog about in my phone, so I don’t forget all my ideas. This list gets super backlogged and never gets finished. Plus you add in the fact that I have a functioning brain that continually comes up with new things to blog about, and I’m drowning in potential blog posts, as it were.

Then, when I do get around to working on the list, I post on one topic and then take a couple days off again. Repeat cycle of idea overload.

So here’s the million dollar question: Is it okay to post more than once in a day? (I realize that I am, in fact, committing the crime I just condemned (hypocrisy at its finest), but this was rather urgent.) I need opinions. (Yesterday someone texted me and the text contained the word “opinion,” only it was spelled “opionion.” I laughed.)

Anyway, please help me to solve my problem. Advisory comments welcome.

Many thanks,


One thought on “I am appalling myself by doing this. Also, I need your help.

  1. Paige says:

    I kinda feel similiarly, I’ve been blogging a lot this summer. You should know though, a lot of the popular, heavy traffic blogs I read (for instance, or-so-i-feel.blogspot.com. . . i’m obsessed with her writing) have days where they post up to threetimes. The only concern really is looking like you don’t have a life, but if you didn’t have a life, what on earth would there be to blog about? Haha. You post, I think people will read.

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