I finally saw Harry Potter 7.2

Yes everyone, it is big news. I finally did.

Last night, my family and the Japanese exchange student that was staying in my bedroom went to the theater (and stopped by taco bell on the way, but since I happen to detest taco bell, I just waited until after the movie to eat) and bought our tickets and went into the theater (a few minutes late; we missed a few previews, but that is a Page family tradition that, although my father hates it, must be continued) and found our seats on the second row (the one downside to that tradition), and proceeded to watch HP7.2. Was it great? Yes it was. Did I cry? Yes I did.

Now, allow me to reflect. So, yes, I cried. I searched and searched (through 40+ pages of google image results) for a picture to show you when I lost it, but there wasn’t a single snapshot of the moment I wanted to show you. So I’ll just briefly describe it for those who have seen it. I had a small breakdown when Professor McGonagall and Molly Weasley and Professor Flitwick were all standing on the steps together. They weren’t actually doing anything yet, just standing there; somehow I still managed to lose it. So, I don’t think I cried because it was sad. I don’t even think I cried because it was over. I am fairly sure I cried because it was touching. Everyone uniting for a cause and standing up for what is right. It was touching, to me.

I have basically grown up with Harry Potter, right? I remember my childhood with HP, even down to reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in third grade as a class. I spent countless hours every summer reading and re-reading the books. I remember getting home one Saturday afternoon from violin classes and asking my dad if we could go get Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which had come out that day, and he told me to go check the back seat of the truck we had on loan from my grandpa, and there it was. I remember crying as I read the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, lying on the floor in my upstairs bedroom. I remember going to the Harry Potter movies; all except one were with my dad. Tonight, we even had a conversation about HP at the dinner table. Harry Potter has definitely been a large part of my life. After I walked out of that theater yesterday, (I know this will be cheesy and cliche but it is true) I felt like my childhood was officially over. Now that Harry Potter is done, so is my childhood (officially).

So….that’s about it. I don’t have much else to say. Except for the fact that the movie was good. I would recommend it.


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