Ice Cream Cone

Here is a topic that I have found comes up quite frequently: the way in which you eat an ice cream cone. Generally speaking, there are two ways to eat an ice cream cone. Those would be the lick and the bite.

Take a quick minute and think about how you eat an ice cream cone before you continue reading.

Now ask yourself, “Am I an ice cream licker or an ice cream biter?” I daresay that ice cream lickers are much more common than ice cream biter. As for me, however, I tend to bite my ice cream. I could go into some extremely detailed personality analysis based on how you eat ice cream, but that seems a little OTT (if you have to look the acronym up, you don’t deserve to know). So instead, I will just make a quick commentary on the reactions I have seen, being an ice cream biter.

When I eat ice cream (whether or not it’s in a cone), people tend to notice that I am biting/chewing said ice cream, and they tend to make comments. Some of the comments I have seemed to recur. The most common one, by far, is something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, how can you stand to do that!? Doesn’t it make your teeth hurt?” I would guess that most of the people who make this comment have fairly sensitive teeth and cannot stand to bite their ice cream; if not, I have no idea why they would make such a comment. Other comments I have received have been to the effect of: “You can’t savor your ice cream if you bite it.” or ” I can’t believe you bite you’re ice cream!” or “Wouldn’t you rather lick your ice cream?” You get the picture.

If you are an ice-cream-licking elitist, let me ask you this. Why does it matter? I enjoy my ice cream, you enjoy your ice cream. But I don’t have to enjoy it your way. If you are an ice cream licker who doesn’t make elitist remarks when you see someone biting their ice cream, good for you. You understand that everyone can enjoy their ice cream equally, no matter how they eat it. And if you are an ice cream biter, congratulations. We are in the same club.


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