Go outside and Yelle

Picture this.

A group of multicultural European men dressed like we just teleported back to the 90s (complete with Euro-mullets) standing in an alleyway and dancing their hearts out to some crazy French electropop.

Now you don’t have to use your imagination anymore. Watch.

Okay, wasn’t that completely and utterly awesome? Meet Yelle, a fantastic French pop band. Also, please meet Tecktonik, a style of dance that is a European phenomenon. I love them both.

Today, if I could have two wishes, they would be 1) to be able to Tecktonik, and 2) to be Yelle. Both fairly far-fetched. And okay, I don’t actually want to be Yelle. But I do want to be in a band of some sort, if it’s the last thing I do. But that’s beside the point.

Yelle came to SLC in June. Unfortunately….it was a 21+ show, so I didn’t qualify to go.

So basically, I danced my heart out to some Yelle (in addition to some Matt and Kim and Lo-Fi-FNK and Röyksopp and Edit) today in my room and as I danced to dear Yelle, I attempted some Tecktonik. I felt pretty dumb, but no one was watching so I kept going, and as I tried to Tecktonik, I determined that one day I would learn to Tecktonik.

So here is my ultimate dream. During my college experience, I will form a band. What style of music we will play, I have not yet determined. Maybe we will be a mixture of everything. But anyway, so we will form a band, and then, once we all graduate, we will move to Europe and spend a year or so playing in local venues and going to European shows (we will all speak French and one other language of our choice (we will each be vocalists so we will have songs in a variety of languages) so communication won’t be a problem) and learning to Tecktonik and just having the ultimate European-living experience (minus the not showering and the drinking). Then, once we get tired of living in Europe, we will move back to the states, and whether or not we decide to continue our bandship will be determined at that time, but either way, we will have had a fantastic time making music and having the musician experience. And that is my dream.

So this post turned out to not be so much about Yelle, but that’s okay. I needed to express these desires at some point, so now’s as good a time as ever.

Now you all know my secret dream. Band + Tecktonik + Europe. One day, it will happen.


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