Dancing at the SLC library

Last night, I met up with some friends and we went to eat dessert at a little Italian restaurant in downtown SLC. It was super fun to hang out with those girls one more time before we all move away for the school year (all six of us go to different schools), plus the dessert was delicious.

So as we’re sitting in this Italian restaurant, I realize that the song that is playing is Janglin’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Now, that isn’t a song that you normally hear on the radio, let alone at a restaurant, especially one of Italian descent. So at that point, I began paying closer attention to what music they were playing. After Edward Sharpe, they proceeded to play some Phoenix, Morning Benders, Black Keys, and a variety of other music that you don’t usually hear unless you turn it on. In fact, I have never heard a song by the Morning Benders played in a public setting ever before. I was basically in heaven. It made me want to start a restaurant and just play good music at it. We might not even serve food. (This is a lower-scale dream than the one in my last post. Maybe this will happen in my retirement years.)

After we finished dessert, we proceeded to walk to the SL Library, because someone in our group wanted to take a picture or two. As we approached, however, in the words of one Whitney, “Why do I hear music?” A gaggle of twenty or thirty people to the east side of the courtyard proved to be our source. As we neared them with curiosity and a bit of confusion overwhelming us, we discovered that this was a group of dancers. They had rolled out a mat of sorts which was the dance floor and were playing some dropping beats to which they would dance. One person at a time would go out onto the floor, show off his/her best moves, and then move to the side again so someone else could take a turn. They didn’t appear to be super classy people; I would venture to say that several of them looked pretty sketchy with their baggy striped tank tops and 3XL maroon sweatpants, but they were all having fun together nonetheless. I was drinking this all in, wondering what this was all about, when a man from the group approached us. He started chatting with us a little bit and seemed friendly (and not-shady) enough. He explained that this was a regular occurrence — every Tuesday night at 7:30 ish, this group would congregate and just enjoy the music and dancing for an hour or two. He said that closer to 7:30, people would be teaching other people their latest and greatest, and then, as time progressed, it would shift into more of a go-out-and-strut-your-stuff type of dance party, as it were. He told us that Tad, a guy who went on SYTYCD, started out dancing with them, and they’ve continued this Tuesday night tradition in hopes that they will help people who love dancing to get a start and maybe be able to make it big one day. Either that, or they can just come and enjoy the music and the dancing. Admittedly, I didn’t react much to what he was saying; however, as we walked away after we decided to go, I said to my friend, “I’m going to come back some Tuesday night.” Not necessarily because I want to see cool dancing or because I want to learn cool dancing (although that could also be pretty nifty), but because I just want to see these people who do what they want to do, because they want to do it. If that makes sense.

Let that be an inspiration to us — Do what you want to do! Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. You can make them a reality. And there’s my two cents for the day.


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