My new club: CAGWOTEPC

I have decided to form a club. Maybe I’ll even sponsor it through BYUSA and then it will be a real-deal club, but for now it’s just a “club.” This club is called the College-Age Girls Without Their Ears Pierced Club.

I do not have my ears pierced. Sometimes people ask me why I don’t have my ears pierced, and I don’t usually have an answer for them. I’ve just never done it. As a child of about 8 years, I had a very strong desire to get my ears pierced. I was slightly obsessed with the idea. I asked and asked, but my mother’s answer was consistently “You can get your ears pierced when you are 14.” Well, by the time my 14th birthday rolled around, I no longer had a desire to get my ears pierced. In fact, I thought it was pretty gross to have a hole in your ear lobe. (I just noticed how weird sounding/looking “ear lobe” is.) At present, I don’t feel such disgust for having a hole in your earlobe, but I’ve just never gotten my ears pierced. I don’t really want to deal with the hassle of having pierced ears.

The CAGWOTEPC is all inclusive, as long as you meet the qualifications stated in the title. (We don’t really endorse other piercings either, but that is implied.) We are not haters of those who are not in the club. But we do believe that those in the club are cooler than those not in the club….jokes. Really, in all seriousness, the CAGWOTEPC is just for fun and we don’t spend time with other CAGWOTEPC members or anything. We like people who are not in the club just as much as those who are in the club.

So far, there are only about 5 members of the CAGWOTEPC. Clearly, this is an uncommon trait. Or else I just haven’t advertised the club very well. I think both reasons are correct. The membership list is as follows:

  • Rachel
  • Ruth
  • Sara
  • Whitney
  • Kelsey (me)

And those are all the members so far.

If you desire to be a member of the CAGWOTEPC, you may comment on this post or email/tweet/fb me and we can do all the paperwork and such (there is none) and then you can officially be a member of the club, because you’re awesome, and we’re a minority.

(I just tried to find a picture of a normal non-pierced ear lobe, but I couldn’t find a single one on google images. I encountered a lot of nasty looking things people had done to their ear lobes/things that had happened to people’s ear lobes, so I would not recommend looking for a picture yourself.) (I suppose I could just take a picture of my own ear lobe, but I don’t really want to.)



2 thoughts on “My new club: CAGWOTEPC

  1. Jennifer Farrell says:

    obv im such a lurker but can i please join your club?? cause I don’t have my ears pierced either :)

  2. I like this a lot. Especially the part where you say they have to do paperwork, hee hee. Go, CAGWOTEPC! But wouldn’t it just be easier to have it be CAGWOPE: College-Aged girls without pierced ears? Regardless, this is fantastic :)

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