Photo-free summer

Summer’s over.

That statement does incite some sadness. But school is good too, so it’s no big deal.

So as I was reflecting on my summer (in the small period of reflection that I did), I realized that I did not take pictures this summer. In fact, I think the total number of pictures I took with my camera this summer might be two (2).  That’s not very many, especially considering the fact that in summers past, I have taken photo upon photo of everything that I have done.

Now, as I contemplated the fact that I did not take many photographs this summer, I figured that there were two (2) possible reasons why I did not take very many photos this summer. They are: 1) I spent most of my summer in the same room (2068 JFSB) and as such, I did not have much to take photos of, or 2) I was not in the mood to take photos this summer. I am inclined to think that it is mostly reason number 2, because although I spent a lot of time in an office (lab) setting, I did have sufficient opportunity to take pictures. I just didn’t, because I didn’t want to.

To be honest, I found it quite a relief to not take pictures. It was nice to just enjoy where I was, as opposed to focusing on photographing every aspect of the event, which is oftentimes a burden. I liked living in the moment, as opposed to living in a meta-moment, if you understand what I mean. I was actually involved in what was happening, as opposed to taking photographs of what was happening. Not that that’s a bad thing to do. It just worked well for me this summer.

And that is the reason why I don’t have much photographic evidence of the summer. Other people probably do, and it’s probably on fb, so no worries. You can still relive my summer as much as you would like.

Also, there are two new members of the CAGWOTEPC! They are Trista and Jennifer. Two very good people who qualify for the CAGWOTEPC.


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