My Streak

JERRY: I feel like I’m going to throw up.

ELAINE: Hey, what about your vomit streak?

JERRY: I know, I haven’t thrown up since June 29th, 1980.

[Man with cane puts cane on Elaine’s foot]

ELAINE: Oh, oh!

MAN3: Sooory.

ELAINE: Sorry? You almost took my toe off. Why don’t you watch what you’re doing you, LUNATIC!… uh, I think he broke my toe. [Jerry gets up] Where’re you going?

JERRY: Fourteen years down the drain.

I have something in common with Jerry Seinfeld. I have not thrown up in many many years. I am not quite at fourteen, and I am not exactly sure the number of years, but I have not thrown up since I was probably eight or nine years old, putting me at about ten years.

Now, I hadn’t really thought about this at all, until a few weeks ago, when one of my friends started talking about this Seinfeld episode. That is when I realised that I have not thrown up in a very long time. In fact, I barely even remember what it’s like to throw up.

So I’m on a streak of 10 years. I have spoken with several people about this. Most of them have been astonished. The only one so far that has not been astonished has been my mother. She told me that she, too, had a very long streak at one point. But then, she told me that her father, at one point in his life, had a streak of about 30 years. 30 years! That is a long time.

My streak is pretty good. But my new goal is to beat my grandpa. I’ll go 40 at some point in my life. I’m determined.

Good luck to you all in your streaks.


3 thoughts on “My Streak

  1. NO WAY. I’m on the exact same streak!! Same number! I respect you more as we share this moment. We should talk about this.

  2. Megan Clegg says:

    I will be making you throw up this year. Not to mention, if you can go an entire pregnancy without throwing up, I will personally write you a check!

  3. Gumdropper says:

    I haven’t vomited in over 35 years.

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