winter rebellion

In my time here at BYU, I have noticed that many people dislike winter, and therefore, like to rebel against winter weather. To the best of my knowledge, there are two main ways people like to rebel against the winter weather. They are:

  • Whining about winter weather a lot, and
  • Refusing to dress like it’s winter.

According to my observations, it’s mainly (though not solely) Californians who tend to whine and complain about how cold it is and tell people how nice the weather is at their home in Cali, and how they wish they were back in California because it’s way better. On the other hand, I think it is mostly Texans who try the “stick it to Utah” approach and continue to wear shorts and t-shirts even when it’s 25 degrees out. Or, instead of shorts and t-shirts, they might just wear clothes that are just really thin and then whine a bit about how they wore long sleeves and they’re still cold. Most of the Texans just get over it eventually (I have only known one kid who kept up the wearing-shorts-in-the-winter thing all winter), but even if the Californians stop whining about how it’s so cold, but deep down, they will always want to tell you how warm it is at their house where there’s only an hour and a half drive between you and the beach.

[For those of you who are upset by this claim: I apologize. I am fully aware that this is a huge generalization, and that many people from California and/or Texas like the cold weather or choose not to complain about it or whatever. If that’s you, I commend your efforts. You’re great.]


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