Things I should (but probably won’t) do before Thanksgiving break

  1. Grocery shop. I’m about to starve. This is putting the whole “starving college student” thing into perspective. I guess I’m just saving up until Thanksgiving? #justification (don’t hate on the blog post hashtag)
  2. Laundry. I’ll just take it home and do it at my parents’ house. The glory of living 30 minutes away.
  3. Homework. It’ll just get done the night before it’s due anyway, so what’s the point of starting early?
  4. Study for finals. No way, jose. I have enough to do without topping it off with finals.
  5. Buy some new hairspray. I ran out this morning. The curly mullet will just have to forego its super-hold for a while. Speaking of the curly mullet, I should:
  6. Get a haircut. This will likely happen the first day of TG break. It’s going to cost me (in the money sense), but it will be worth it. Goodbye, curly mullet.
  7. Clean my room. Includes making my bed. It’s not quite to the pig-sty stage (thankfully), but there are definitely papers littering the desk and shoes littering the floor.
  8. Vacuum. Haven’t done that in a while.
  9. Stop thinking about food so much. Oh wait, I’m famished. Can’t help it.
  10. Go running? Nah. That can wait until New Year’s.

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