Two things I get asked about all the time

1. Pinterest.

People ask me all the time if I have a pinterest account/when am I going to get a pinterest account. Sorry, folks, but I have never desired to use pinterest and I likely never will. Call it an aversion, if you will, but I just really have no desire to add to my life something I see as a complete waste of time. I don’t mean to offend you pinterest people (that just reminded me of TDCC’s #basementpeople idea), but I’m just not going to do it.

2. Dating.

I probably get asked about this 3 times a day, on average. I don’t really understand why. I get that yeah, people are curious, but when you ask me the same question every other day, do you really expect something to have changed? Plus, add in the fact that I don’t really like to share details of my “dating life” (a phrase I don’t particularly like) with anyone outside of those who are directly involved, and getting asked about my dating life doesn’t make me the happiest camper out there.

Be that as it may, I will likely continue to have people ask me about these things all the time. Thankfully I am used to it and don’t really care anymore.

On another note, today I am wearing a double-breasted cardigan that has a great story accompanying it. Ask me about it sometime.

Also, I am feeling rather sorry for the girl sitting next to me in class. She is watching Vampire Diaries. Someone must be forcing her to do so as a punishment, otherwise I am sure she wouldn’t be watching.

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