Sitting in the south lobby on floor 3 of the JFSB. Peter’s sitting across reciting how many albums he has of each artist in his itunes library. Also playing some music and talking about the integral of 1/(x^2). I’ve finished up most of my homework for the night. 3 papers all due at 9:30 tomorrow. Started them yesterday, finished them all today. Also read the most of The Fire Next Time, which needs to be done by tomorrow at 9:30. Only have approx. 15 pages left. Small pages, big font. No big deal. Still have to read ten pages from the Appelrouth and Edles book that’s at home, but that’s okay. I’ll probably do it tomorrow morning. Two page informal paper to do soon. I’ll do it tomorrow after my 12:00 class.  I think tonight I’ll just chill. Maybe listen to some good music and make myself a piece of toast. That is, if I get hungry. Oh, the leisure of having food. (Thanks, Mom and Dad.) I’ll just put on some Lia Ices and sit in front of my space heater and enjoy life. Then I’ll move on to tomorrow, and stay super busy all day, just like today, until I hit the evening. Repeat.


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