Man on Wire

At the recommendation of a friend, I just watched the movie Man on Wire.

Now I understand why he so highly recommended it.

Fantastically intriguing; wonderfully touching.

I’m finding it fairly difficult to put into words what I am feeling about this film. I can’t quite seem to explain why I have just fallen in love with a motion picture, but I don’t think that’s overly important.

It’s not like I am a “tightrope walker,” or whatever else you might call it. I don’t relate to Phillippe Petit in that sense. Still, somehow I feel some sort of connection to him. Maybe an admiration of sorts.

I think that often, we get too wound up with the regularity of our days. Stick to the routine, day after day. This, however, is starkly different from what you might expect from a regular day. The difference from regularity is not the important thing, though. I think it was mainly important that he loved it so much.

In conclusion: do what you love.


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